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Prelubes & Postlubes



Let MaBouche show you the best of São Paulo state before or after PanSoAm!  Pick your dates freely, our plans will depend how many of us hashers are in the same place at the same time. Hashpitality including a lot more than lodging from BRL 125 per night:

- Beaches only known to Brazilians (hot sunshine not guaranteed in May and June but the sea is lovely)
- São Paulo city's touristic, cultural, gastronomic attractions + nightlife
- Extra Brazil Nuts hash trails in town and in rural areas
- and plenty more, just get in touch! +5511979754806 / Contact MaBouche at sansclueh3@yahoo.com to coordinate

Open this link to join the WhatsApp Group:  https://chat.whatsapp.com/BxpOwyH5q2nBSD38NKugZh



Make Rio your first stop in Brazil . . . Rio H3 is inviting all participants to join their monthly run on Saturday, 1st June. They are planning an extra special and extra sh*tty trail for all to enjoy the best of what Rio has to offer.

Please join the Rio Hash House Harriers FB group (don’t forget to answer security questions or you might be rejected). https://www.facebook.com/groups/34049225193

If you plan to join this event, please let Threesome (GM) know about your intention so they can prepare for your arrival.  WhatsApp +5521999847890  

For all those who plan to have a pre-lube in Rio we have set up a group chat. Threesome

‎Open this link to join the WhatsApp Group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/EjejyC9pdinEWrYq0eBQP5 



Have you ever been to Paraguay?
Now you have more than one reason to do so!
The Asuncion H3 offer a prelube (1st June) and a postlube (15th June) on their regular Saturday Hashes.
Come and join the fun.

Get the latest information on their website:

Join the Asuncion H3 FB group:

If you plan to join the Asuncion H3 on their pre or postlube, contact Ban the Cock (GM) at banthecock@yahoo.com, or on WhatsApp +595 9 86 80 88 99


*Return of the Inter-Caribbean Hash*

Although not an official post-lube, this event is a convenient follow on to PAN SOAM.  Grenada H3 will be hosting a 1 week Inter Caribbean Hash from 11-16 June 2024. There will be a different hash or event every day, with the main hash on Saturday 15th June 2024 which is also the 1300th hash for the Grenada H3.

See details and REGO at https://grenadahash.com/interhash/



You are also welcome to check out any of the other

hash clubs of SOUTH AMERICA

and join their scheduled hash trails to extend your visit.